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Dinesh Nathani

Dinesh Nathani

“Synergy with Energy” is committed to help participants EVOLVE by striking a balance between ones Intellectual Quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ), Karmic Quotient (KQ), Financial Quotient and above all their Spiritual Quotient (SQ).

For over 15 years, as a Life Energy Coach – Dinesh Nathani has been conducting these enriching, thought provoking and life transforming sessions on a pan India and shortly Global platform for Corporate, Industries, Educational Institutions, Families and Individuals and has made an influential impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of participants.

karan Nathani

Karan Nathani

As a Life Energy Coach, Mr. Nathani has created a unique way of releasing ones pent up stress and emotions through his Synergy with Energy Power Dancing Sessions. These minimum 2 Hours non alcoholic energizing sessions are conducted for Corporate, Industries and Educational Institutions. The Power Dancing music mixes are played by his extremely talented Music Producer son Karan Nathani and ably supported by his dynamic daughter Shreya Nathani who also is an Internationally Licensed Zumba Fitness Instructor as well as a mesmerizing singer, composer and lyricist.


Dinesh Nathani

Kanal Nathani

Kanal Nathani is an established professional Voiceover Artist, Educationist and Corporate Trainer with over 12 years of combined experience. As a Voice Artist she has lent her voice to a gamut of projects in Corporate films, Audio Books, Narrations, Documentaries, IVR, E-learning, Commercials etc. Her clientele include; Vodafone, HSBC, Kolte Patil, Honeywell, Thermax, to name a few.

Kanal has extensively trained Corporate and Industries from Entry Level Executives to Senior Management. She has worked with; Tech Mahindra, Tata Technology Limited, Piaggio, Wipro BPO, Mindtree, Atos and many more

Shreya Nathani

Mr. Nathani’s vibrant daughter, Shreya Nathani is an Internationally Licensed Zumba Fitness Instructor. Zumba Fitness is a worldwide craze, originating from the USA. It is a mix of different dance forms, with a fitness element, making you physically, mentally fit and emotionally strong over a period of regular sessions. Great music, smiling faces, and an awesome and easy workout are what you gain in a Zumba class.

Shreya conducts Zumba classes on a pan India platform. She was trained by India’s Zumba Master Trainer- Sucheta Pal, in 2014, and has been trainer ever since.
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Abhinav Mishra

Abhinav Mishra

Abhinav Mishra, a reputed Software Engineer and Project Management consultant is a dear friend of Mr. Nathani. He has a great evolving yearning of a Spiritual seeker. He writes his own Spiritual Blog under WONDERINGALMA . His priceless contribution to Synergy with Energy team is that of being the Social Media reach out Master Programmer.