Synergy With Energy Purpose of Life

We often confuse Religion with Spirituality. The simple truth is that we are all Spiritual Beings on a Human Journey. To me, SPIRIT which is REALITY is SPIRITUALITY. Religion is manmade, whereas Spirituality is the true essence of the Spirit, our Soul's existence.

If the Soul, the Light, the Aatma, the Rooh, the Energy, the Spirit didn't exist, the Mind and Body wouldn't exist and there would be no Religion.

Religious beliefs and dogmas have been passed on from generation to generation since creation. Spirituality, is not just a belief, it is an experience of INNER AWAKENING. Spiritual Awakening is the birth right of each human soul. The ultimate goal is to find its way back home to its true source of existence and merge with the Supreme Universal Soul, who we call God or Creator or Nature, for lack of a better name.

In our rich Indian Spiritual Culture and Heritage of over 5000 years, numerous saints, sages and masters have said that one needs the Grace and Blessings of a realized Master or Guru to awaken and walk the Spiritual path. It's an unexplainable individual experience for each Soul. Every Soul that takes a Human Birth has a Soul Agenda and a Karmic Matrix to fulfill in a short period of time. We have all come from that one Supreme source of creation and in time will merge with it.

In the journey of the human life there comes a stage where one has to go within and ask certain pertinent questions -

Who AM I?
Where did I come from? Where am I going?
What is the true Purpose of my Human Birth?
What is my ultimate goal and destination?

I am on my journey just as every other soul. My turning point came on 21st of July 2002, when I experienced my Spiritual Energy Awakening through my Guru's Grace and God's Bountiful Blessings. And it has been an absolutely Divine journey with varied experiences till date. I know I have a long way to go, but I'm just happy that I am on the path in this life itself. I pray that all of Humanity connects with their true purpose and helps each other in the journey back to our source of PURITY and ONENESS.

Abundant Love, Light, Grace and Spiritual Energy 2 us all

Dinesh Nathani
Synergy with Energy
Life Energy Coach